Room Escape 50 Rooms 6 Level 26 Walkthrough

By | April 18, 2018

Room Escape 50 Rooms 6 Level 26 Walkthrough – how to solve the puzzle logic clue and number codes on each room level ! 50 rooms, 50 challenge, waiting for you to escape! If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge.
Room Escape: 50 rooms VI By Shenzhen Zhonglian Hudong Technology Co.,Ltd

video guide Room Escape: 50 rooms 6 level 26 cheat :

Room Escape 50 rooms VI Level 26 Solution :
look on left cart and take a jack
open right drawer to take a valve
take a can opener on left table and use valve on the device
take the wood and connect it to the chair

place the chair near tractor and take the cat food can
tap right car and place the jack
put the can then use can opener
take the key from cat

open left locker with key for wrench and take the cloth
take a look on the paper for clue
use cloth to clean the car’s mirror and use wrench on the bolt
tap to change the direction
look on the door and play the game

enter the code using clue from paper
the logic is to times the inner number to take outer number
tap the answer to open door


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