Word Academy Robot Answers

By | April 28, 2015

Cheats for Word Academy Robot Answers with 4×4 grid of #WordAcademy Robot pack solutions to find the correct letters of specific words for each grid, count how many letters to easily get the correct word. Remember to connect the correct order, because if you are stuck that means you have the wrong order and need to reload the game.

Word Academy Robot Pack Answers
Robot Level 1 : snooze slumber nap
Robot Level 2 : happy sad silly mad
Robot Level 3 : Run – Walk – Jog – Sprint
Robot Level 4 : soul pop disco funk
Robot Level 5 : freckle spot speck
Robot Level 6 : folder ruler paste
Robot Level 7 : cheetah falcon elk
Robot Level 8 : clown tickles joke
Robot Level 9 : radiator lamp oven
Robot Level 10 : guitar violin harp

Robot Level 11 : gray red pink green
Robot Level 12 : brush floss cavity
Robot Level 13 : snow hail sleet ice
Robot Level 14 : badge office mace
Robot Level 15 : kite jet satellite
Robot Level 16 : stitch crochet sew
Robot Level 17 : brake exhaust body
Robot Level 18 : whisker tail teeth
Robot Level 19 : ticket fine arrest
Robot Level 20 : ocean wave tide air


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