Word Genie Answers

By | March 10, 2017

Game Cheats for Word Genie Answers Solutions Guide – Swap in any direction to find the words, there may be valid words in the puzzle but you will need to find the correct word. If you get stuck, you can press the hint button to reveal a letter in the puzzle. You can reset the puzzle at any time 🙂
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Thieves Cave Imp
Word Genie Bronze Coin Answers size 2×2
Level 1 : animal = Goat
Level 2 : part of your body = Hand
Level 3 : musical instrument = Drum
Level 4 : around your waist = Belt
Level 5 : in the kitchen = Oven
Level 6 : fruit = Plum
Level 7 : something that floats = Boat
Level 8 : insect = Flea
Level 9 : outer garment = Coat
Level 10 : in the sky = Star

Word Genie Silver Coin Answers size 3×3
Level 1 : cold = Winter Ice
Level 2 : waste = Trash Junk
Level 3 : ascend = Climb Lift
Level 4 : clever = Smart Wise
Level 5 : mathematics = Sum Add Odd
Level 6 : aye-aye captain = Pirate Map
Level 7 : election = Poll Voter
Level 8 : running = Quick Dash
Level 9 : flowers = Daisy Iris
Level 10 : road names = Lane Drive


Magic Mountains Sprite
Gold Coin size 3×3
Gold Bars size 3×3

Caravan Trail Elemental

Burnt Lands Jinn

Nomad’s Oasis Djinn
Cobalt Earrings
Moon Earrings
Firedrop Earrings

River of Light Iftit
Silver Plate

The Falls Efreet
Clay Pot
Platinum Urn 3×4
Copper Vase

Tombs of the King Genie
Lion’s Shield

Old City Ruins Shaman
Head Chain
Princesses Tiara
Princes Crown
Sheik’s Turban

The Village Magician
Wedding Band
Diamond Ring 4×4
Rainbow Ring
Scorpion Ring

The Great Market Archanist
Serpent Torc
Charm Bracelet

City of Wishes Warlock
Flower Brooch
Ibis Brooch 5×5
Wishing Brooch
Stallion Brooch

Golden Palace Sorcerer
Pearl Necklace
Rose Tear Choker
Oryx Medallion 6×6

Night Garden Arch Mage
Obsidian Scarab
Jade Monkey
Pewter Camel
Golden Hawk


Genie Tower Wish Master
Magic Wand 7×7
Magical Scroll
Magic Carpet
The Genie’s Lamp