99 The Escape Game Walkthrough

By | September 23, 2015

Solution of 99 The Escape Game Walkthrough – Escape before the count down change from 99 to 0 ! Find clue & items all over the room to solve puzzle, open door and escape !
99 The Escape Game By Yukihiro Hozumi on android and ios iphone / ipad

ninety_nine the escape game walkthrough
look on the other side with drawer, open it
tap the center of drawer handle to get a red pin
go to right and tap the buttons
use the red pin handle to the blue part
move to right and use the pin on the blue keyhole to open door

go to next room
count the number of shelves on this room in clockwise direction
the answer is 6 7 4 5
pick up the vase on top left of the last shelf
go to the left and look at the door keyhole
use the pin to open door and back to the next room

go to left and look on the right monitor
insert the pin into the hole on bottom right and enter the number of shelfs using dots like the clue :
get a triangle, if you observe it there’s a number 2 under it
take the pin back from monitor
go to left and open door with pin
this time put the triangle in front of the door so the door won’t close

go to the left and tap the buttons
use the pin into red part
move to the right and enter the room

go to the right
insert the pin into red keyhole, open door and move inside

there’s tree and on each wall in this there are some color
you need to use 4 color of triangle on square from 2nd room :
blue = down
grey = left
purple = right
yellow = up
follow the direction to change the color and can open the drawer for screwdriver
go to the left and open the door with red pin

look back at the door and tap on right wall next to the shelf
remove the screwdriver and get another pin
now insert the red pin to see red color with white line on shelf
count who many shelves that intersect with the vertical line
clockwise : 5, 2, 4, 3
take the red pin back and back to the first room with monitor


insert red pin and enter the number of dots like the hints :
you will get a red ball
observe it to see number 3 and take the red pin back

3 thoughts on “99 The Escape Game Walkthrough

  1. Danielle

    im so stuck! I’ve gotten the ball and I’ve put it in all the holes in the wall in room 3. I know it has something to do with the book in the drawer in room 1 and the box with the colors but I just can’t seem to figure it out! Please help.

  2. Bob Mundy

    I am still stuck. I am in the room with the tree. You stated that I need to use the four colors of the triangle on the square from the second room. I understand about the colors and direction – blue=down, etc. You then said to follow the direction to change the color and I can open the drawer.

    I am not sure that I understand. Do I touch the sides of the grey square and which grey square? One square keeps changing colors every time I select that square without doing anything. I hope you can help.

  3. Kamila

    for the room with the tree, it’s almost like you gotta keep moving around so there’s always a dot on the wall. you’ll know when you messed up if you don’t have a don’t on the wall. once you have the right pattern, your last dot should resemble a bullseye. i hope this helped :):):):):)


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