Going Home Alone Reverse 1999

By | November 23, 2023

Guide for C6 Going Home Alone Reverse 1999 The Puppy And The Hippie Solution ! there are 80 steps available, with two requirements : Pickles reaches the goal and Reaches the goal within 50 steps. If you can’t solve it then follow the step by step walkthrough below !
Tap on Pickles and then a green tile to move him. Guide him to the goal. The character can only move once in one round. Clear the stage within the given number of rounds ! Achieve stage goals for better rewards.

the first 6 steps you’re gonna waste to move left and right twice then move to the right spot

then follow the red line to the yellow spot

again you need repeat the steps to got back and forth then you will ended up on the corner


finally you can move to the GOAL following the red line to the yellow spot