The Puppy And The Hippie Reverse 1999 Walkthrough

By | November 23, 2023

Solution Guide for The Puppy And The Hippie Reverse 1999 step by step walkthrough ! Tap on Pickles and then a green tile to move him. Guide him to the goal. The character can only move once in one round. Clear the stage within the given number of rounds ! Achieve stage goals for better rewards.
Move character chess-piece to goal to claim victory. Passers-by and visitors may block your way. Let them go first. The action will fail if your chess-piece is caught up by the police. Watch out !

1. A Warm Call
– Pickles reaches the goal
– Reaches the goal within 20 steps

2. A Floating APPle Pie
– Pickles and APPLe reach the goal
– Reach the goal within 25 steps
All chess pieces must reach the goal to win the round if there are more than one chess-piece on the scene.
Move to the gadget point to obtain and use it.
Distract other chess-pieces’ attention with the gadgets you found

Click apple and reach the goal

Click Pickles and reach the goal


3. Relativity of Misunderstanding
4. Bubble Crash
C1. Best Partners
C2. All the Extras
C3. The Art of Evacuation
5. A Shoe Left Behind
6. A Planner with No Plan
7. Bouncey Ball
8. Transfer Ceremony
C4. Living the Past Again
C5. Plan of Escape
C6. Going Home Alone