Stage 8 Under The Surface Reverse 1999

By | December 9, 2023

Worn Teeth and Old Marks Guide for Stage 8 Under The Surface Reverse 1999 Solution ! there are 20 round available, with two requirements : Defeat all the critters within 13 rounds and Reach the destination. If you can’t solve it then follow the step by step walkthrough below !
Reverse 1999 The Old Teeth & The Worn Marks Walkthrough

1. Click the tooth to use invisibility
Upon use, enters the Invisibility state this round.
Invisibility : Will not be detected when entering a critter’s field of vision in this state.
Can launch a surprise attack when encountering critters.
Can only be used 1 time on each stage.
2. Go to right and defeat the first critter

3. Go up
4. Go right
5. Go up
6. Go left to defeat the second critter

7. Go down to defeat the last critter


8. Go down
9. Go right
10. Go up to the exit destination !