Alice in Wordland Level 4 Answers

By | March 2, 2017

Solution for Alice in Wordland Level 4 Answers – Tap on a flower bud, then swipe the letters to find the described word(s) to solve the alice in wonderland game. Yellow flowers imply independent word, whereas red flowers imply phrase. The game includes words from different dialects, in American spelling only.
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Alice in Wordland Level 4 Answers
level 4-1 : Thin Flat Belt = Band Strip
level 4-2 : Hard Substance From The Ground = Rock Stone
level 4-3 : White Ursine Mammal = Polar Bear
level 4-4 : The Strip = Las Vegas
level 4-5 : A Rock Band = Zeppelin
level 4-6 : Birthstone = Pearl Opal
level 4-7 : Zeppelin Is An Air = Ship Craft
level 4-8 : Chemical Element In Opal = Silicon
level 4-9 : Where The Ship Is Kept = Bay Harbor
level 4-10 : Ship Pole = Mast Spar
level 4-11 : Silicon Valley, Bay Area = High Tech
level 4-12 : Pearl Harbour = World War
level 4-13 : Warcraft = Blizzard
level 4-14 : Highest Population In The World = China Asia
level 4-15 : Blizzard = Snow Storm
level 4-16 : Made Of Snow = Man Igloo
level 4-17 : Men At War = Soldiers
level 4-18 : A Skilled Technician = Engineer
level 4-19 : Art Of China Making = Porcelain


Alice in Wordland is filled with puzzles that will make any word-game fan jump for joy. You will explore a great variety of word puzzles and feast your eyes upon its astounding beauty. To solve each puzzle, you simply swipe through the letter matrix and search for words based on the given description.
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