Alice in Wordland Level 3 Answers

By | March 2, 2017

Solutions for Alice in Wordland Level 3 Answers – Tap on a flower bud, then swipe the letters to find the described word(s) to solve the alice in wonderland game. Yellow flowers imply independent word, whereas red flowers imply phrase. The game includes words from different dialects, in American spelling only.
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Alice in Wordland Level 3 Answers
level 3-1 : Fruits From The Middle East = Date Melon
level 3-2 : Relax For A Bit = Break Rest
level 3-3 : That You Can Break = Record Leg
level 3-4 : What Guys Should Do On The First Date = Eat Pay Hug
level 3-5 : A System That Record Dates = Calendar
level 3-6 : On WEhich You Find A Calender = Wall Watch
level 3-7 : Walk My … Along The … = Dog Street
level 3-8 : Legged Locomotion = Walk Jump
level 3-9 : Food Eaten Between Meals = Bite Snacks
level 3-10 : Pay By / With = Check Cash
level 3-11 : Jump = Leap Vault
level 3-12 : A Common Snack For Watching Movies = Popcorn
level 3-13 : To Cash In/Out Stock Options = Exercise
level 3-14 : Break Into A Bank Vault = Burglary
level 3-15 : Wall Street = Stock Bank
level 3-16 : For Dog Exercise; Jump And Catch = Frisbee


Alice in Wordland is filled with puzzles that will make any word-game fan jump for joy. You will explore a great variety of word puzzles and feast your eyes upon its astounding beauty. To solve each puzzle, you simply swipe through the letter matrix and search for words based on the given description.
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