Alice in Wordland Answers

By | February 27, 2017

Game Cheats for Alice in Wordland Answers Solutions Guide – Tap on a flower bud, then swipe the letters to find the described word(s) or tap anywhere outside the game board to exit. Yellow flowers imply independent word, whereas red flowers imply phrase. The game includes words from different dialects, in American spelling only. In hidden mode, using undo will switch to another hidden puzzle. If you stuck, use the ? button at the bottom right corner for hint. The hints you’ve received at a puzzle will stay when using undo. Hints are awarded once you complete an entire level in normal mode. A hint is awarded once you complete every 9 puzzles in Hidden Mode.
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Alice in Wordland Answers
level 1 : spelled with letters = word
level 2 : where am i ??? = lost
level 3 : must do = duty
level 4 : with six faces = cube
level 5 : recover lost stuf = find
level 6 : duty = job
level 7 : where you find losts of words = book
level 8 : lost job = fire
level 9 : cubed object = ice
level 10 : book title contains ice and fire = song

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Hello and Welcome to Wordland! In this world, you will embark on a fun and challenging journey, together with Alice. All solution list :
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Alice in Wordland is filled with puzzles that will make any word-game fan jump for joy. You will explore a great variety of word puzzles and feast your eyes upon its astounding beauty. To solve each puzzle, you simply swipe through the letter matrix and search for words based on the given description.