Finish A Race By Crashing Over The Finish Line Mario Kart Tour

By | November 8, 2019

In Paris Tour Challenges you need to finish a race by crashing over the finish line in a total of 3 times in mario kart tour, how to finish this challenge ? there are 2 ways to complete this task and one of them is the easiest one 🙂
Nintendo Mobile Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android devices

Mario Kart Tour Finish A Race By Crashing Over The Finish Line

the first one is to do it manually by throwing items like bob-omb or banana before you finish the race and hit the item so you crash right before entering the finish line
you can pick any map that have the shortest route to quickly finish this
the easy way is to put banana peal on 1st lap right before finish line and then hit it on the 2nd round

and the second way is to crash into Goombas in the Steer Clear of Obstacles Challenge on Baby Rosalina Cup
you will play as baby mario with 3 balloons and avoid the goombas to win the challenge, BUT you DON’T HAVE TO DO IT if you want to get the badge 🙂

Lose all 3 balloons and it counts it simultaneously as passing the finish line and crashing

finish a race by crashing over the finish line mario kart tour

on the steer clear of obstacles challenge pop all of your balloons as soon as possible, it’ll give you credit for crashing and finishing at the same time


you need to repeat it three times and you will get the reward !
good luck, hope it helps some people !

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