Fix Fortnite Screen Size PlayStation 4 Xbox One

By | October 16, 2019

How to resize your screen on PS4 and Xbox One Fortnite after chapter 2 season 11 update ? because you can’t see a bunch of stuff because the screen is too small it got zoomed in…
you might notice like the picture above that the screen is cutoff in lobby where fortnite screen weirdly cropped ? it’s been like this since season 11 release and it’s like it’s cropped by a centimeter each side

Fix Fortnite PS4 Screen Size

Sound & Screen > Display Area Settings, reduce screen size

Fix Fortnite PlayStation 4 Screen Size

Go to the Fortnite settings and switch the Invert view to on and it should fix it. Then you can put it back to off. Here’s a step by step guide :
from fortnite main menu, open the “Settings” screen
go to “Game” tab then
change “Uncap Framerate” to On
change “Invert View” to On
Select Triangle to Apply all changes
This will automatically reset the screen resolution, and fix the issue for you

Fix Fortnite Xbox One Screen Size

I’m on Xbox and after starting up Chapter 2 my Fortnite doesn’t fit my screen and I can’t figure out how to fit it properly. Help is appreciated 🙂

To fix the screen size issues on Xbox One, follow these steps by steps :
tap the home button on your controller
go to “System” tab and select “Settings”
Select “Display and Sound”
Select “Video Output”
Select “Calibrate HDTV”
Press Next cycle through different screen sizes until the problem is fixed
save your changes

you also might want to look on the System Settings and then Video Output in Display and Sound. Selecting Calibrate HDTV will then allow you to cycle through screensizes until you find the best solution.


remember that first you might want to try to restart your app from console like this fix fortnite screen size guide and if it’s not working then try the console fix.

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