Fix Pokemon Go Our Servers Are Humbled by Your Incredible Response

By | July 18, 2016

This tutorial is how to fix Pokemon Go Our servers are humbled by your incredible response error, this Niantic, Inc. app game currently booming and there are many people want to try this game, lately it seems the pokemon go server is having a problem possibly because so many people who play this game are from different countries that makes the server becomes overloaded that causes us can not login.

Got this pokemon go server error message : Our servers are humbled by your incredible response. We are working to resolve the issue. Please try again soon! ?
how to fix our servers are experiencing issues pokemon go ?

there are 2 types of messages depending your country : Our Servers are Experiencing Issues. Please Come Back Later and this is the same error, this message does not mean that your account being blocked just because you install Pokemon Go that’s not available for your country yet. So you do not have to worry about your account will be banned.

Pokemon Go Server Error Fix Walkthrough Video :

you can easily “fix” this error by trying relogin over and over and sometimes it’ll work just fine 🙂

Usually this error message often happen at night. sometimes this message stating that the server down or overload for most players. Try playing in the morning until late afternoon or within 72 hours if you keep getting this error message please follow the steps below.

you can use US or Australia email states to successfully logged in and played back, here’s how (Android and iOS) :
1. Create a new Gmail account registered to the countries that Pokemon Go supported, like Australia or US. Use browser access address select create an account.
2. Then fill in personal data such as first name, last name, username, password, birthday, gender. Select a country location that supports pokemon Go eg Australia or US
3. Clear data or reinstall Pokemon GO app in your smartphone.

For Android users how to clear the data:
Go to your settings.
Manager/installed apps.
Select Pokemon Go
Choose clear data

For iOS users should reinstall, because there is no clear choice of data as in Android.

4. Then try to login using a new Gmail account you have created. Do not forget to also add a new Gmail account on your smartphone.


and finally you should be able to log back ! Good Luck!

20 thoughts on “Fix Pokemon Go Our Servers Are Humbled by Your Incredible Response

    1. Neelesh Joyra

      Yes.. NIANTIC are now giving permanent ban for bot users!
      GPS spoofers will usually get ban for 24 hours

  1. teri stage

    If I do this will I lose all of the progress I have now??

  2. Shane

    I’ve been getting the “humbled” server page for almost 48 hours straight now. Was excited to see these suggestions for a fix. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked for me. Have tried everything. Uninstalling, wiping data, new Gmail account. Same thing everytime, white niantic screen straight to option to sign in or go to trainers club, no man walking on bridge loading screen. I check sign in, select new Gmail account (have tried both in every possible way) and it thinks for a few seconds then looks like my phone opens another window for a split second and goes to the humbled page. Kind of losing my mind at this point. Of course just purchased my first poke coins a day earlier. I’m at a complete loss as all my friends and kids around me can all login… thought about emailing support but I have a feeling mine will just be added to a stack of a million other emails. This sucks 🙁

    1. kei

      I also, after update yesterday, then cannot login, uninstall, reinstall, clear data, still no use

    2. David Meghrazi

      Im in the same boat as you. I’m very worried but can’t do anything…

    3. Kristel

      Same here for 4 days now (Belgium)
      Tried everything..nothing works

    4. Jarryd

      i have been getting this ever since the new update, and i still get this message. The only way i have managed to actually play Pokemon Go was to uninstall the game, then download the previous version of the game. Once i login on that version it tells me to update Pokemon Go, so i downloaded the latest version and got a failed to login message with only two options it gave is to Retry, or to login with a different account. If i retry about 7 – 15 time i usually manage to get it but sometimes i just cant login. However, if i select login with a different account, it takes me back to the ‘humbled’ messaged and i have to do this whole process over again. Thats the only fix that i have to actually play the game. I hope with the new update it will be sorted, but if anyone has a proper fix for this, please let us know.

    5. Dion

      It’s also happen to me. Wipe data. Reinstall. Log in with other gmail. The result is nothing. So i’mnot playing it anymore. Im tired.

    6. Kaneki

      same thing for me :/ and no one knwos how to fix this, it shows the”humbed” message for 2 weeks already…

    7. Susan

      Me too.. and mine, already a full week , not just a couple of days

  3. nelztx

    I had luck by turning off GPS in setting->location,
    running the app,
    turn GPS back on

    1. Kari

      This actually worked for me. It’s been days that I’ve been trying to get it to work for my son. Thanks so much!

  4. Eugeniu

    I’m still getting the message, no matter what account I use or where it was created.


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