Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Charlie Weasley Walkthrough

By | June 20, 2018

Friendship guide for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Charlie Weasley Walkthrough – Charlie is Bill’s younger brother and has a great love for dragons. When not on the Quidditch pitch, he can help explore areas where magical creatures lurk.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

You will find charlie weasley on year 4 chapter 1 in care of magical creatures class with Professor Kettleburn!

Here are the answers for Charlie Weasley Friendships :
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Charlie Weasley Walkthrough

Meal with a Friend – Beat Charlie’s Dragon Quiz
Describe a Chine Fireball…
o its spikes are golden
o its eggs are crimson
x its horns are purple

Describe Norwegian Ridgebacks
o they have spiny wings
o they feed on aquatic creatures
x they only eat vegetables

Describe a Ukrainian Ironbelly
o it’s the largest breed of dragon
o it has metallic grey scales
x it has deep green eyes

Play Gobstones – Beat Charlie’s Weasley Quiz!
What item is in the Burrow ?
o clock that tracks the family
o fireplace on the Floo Network
x gargoyle that guards the door

what is our mum good at ?
o healing magic
o household spells
x dark magic

what family are we related to ?
o prewett family
o house of black
x granger family

Drink Butterbeer – Tell Charlie about your third year at Hogwarts!
where did you sneak into ?
o Filch’s office
o the restricted section
x the forbidden forest

what cool potions did you learn ?
o antidote to common poisons
o wideye potion
x shrinking solution

what new friends did you make ?
o tulip karasu
o barnaby lee
x ismelda murk

what clues did you find ?
o my brother’s notebook
o a threatening letter
x a broken broom


when you reach level 10 of charlie weasley friendship, you will get this outfit reward :
his hair !

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Charlie Weasley Walkthrough

  1. Teru

    Beat Charlie’s Weasley Quiz

    What family lives near us?
    Best Answer are “Diggory” and “Fawcett”
    Wrong Answer is Malfoy

    What list were we included in
    Best Answer are “Sacred Twenty-Eight” and “Pure-Blood Directory”
    Wrong Answer is “Third Year Shopping List”

    What’s my gran’s name?
    Best Answer is “Cedrella”

  2. Teru

    Tell Charlie about your third year

    What cool spells did you learn?
    Best Answer Riddikulus and Depulso
    Wrong Answer is Bombarda


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