Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Charlie Weasley Walkthrough

By | June 20, 2018

Friendship guide for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Charlie Weasley Walkthrough – Charlie is Bill’s younger brother and has a great love for dragons. When not on the Quidditch pitch, he can help explore areas where magical creatures lurk.
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You will find charlie weasley on year 4 chapter 1 in care of magical creatures class with Professor Kettleburn!

Here are the answers for Charlie Weasley Friendships :
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Charlie Weasley Walkthrough

Meal with a Friend – Beat Charlie’s Dragon Quiz
Describe a Chine Fireball…
o its spikes are golden
o its eggs are crimson
x its horns are purple

Describe Norwegian Ridgebacks
o they have spiny wings
o they feed on aquatic creatures
x they only eat vegetables

Describe a Ukrainian Ironbelly
o it’s the largest breed of dragon
o it has metallic grey scales
x it has deep green eyes

Play Gobstones – Beat Charlie’s Weasley Quiz!
What item is in the Burrow ?
o clock that tracks the family
o fireplace on the Floo Network
x gargoyle that guards the door

what is our mum good at ?
o healing magic
o household spells
x dark magic

what family are we related to ?
o prewett family
o house of black
x granger family

Drink Butterbeer – Tell Charlie about your third year at Hogwarts!
where did you sneak into ?
o Filch’s office
o the restricted section
x the forbidden forest

what cool potions did you learn ?
o antidote to common poisons
o wideye potion
x shrinking solution

what new friends did you make ?
o tulip karasu
o barnaby lee
x ismelda murk

what clues did you find ?
o my brother’s notebook
o a threatening letter
x a broken broom


when you reach level 10 of charlie weasley friendship, you will get this outfit reward :
his hair !