Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Barnaby Lee Walkthrough

By | June 22, 2018

Guide for Year 3 Chapter 8 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Barnaby Lee Walkthrough – You Know Who is defeated! (the boggart form, anyway) The information in your brother’s room now leads you to the library, which may conceal a Cursed Vault.
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 3 Chapter 8 Walkthrough

There are a lot of task in year 3 chapter 8 :
1. Jacob’s notes hinted at a Cursed Vault being in the Hogwarts Library. Find it!
2. You need a plan to get into the Restricted Section and find the Cursed Vault. Ask Tulip.
3. Barnaby Lee can help you stay ahead of Merula. Persuade him to join your cause.
4. Barnaby wants you to prove your duelling prowess before he agrees to help you.
5. Barnaby wants to celebrate your new partnership with a Butterbeer.

There’s 1 Lesson to finish in order to finish this chapter :
Potion Class : Doxycide – a paralysing agent that stops obnoxious Doxies

Learning about Barnaby : Befriend Barnaby!
You’re going to think i’m mad…
o People say that about me
v I try not to judge
x I’m quick to judge

Why does Merula hate you ?
o I think she’s jealous
v You’d have to ask her
x We’re Quidditch rivals

Our parents were Death Eaters…
o Your parents don’t define you
v That must have been hard…
x I hope they were punished

Just like You-Know-Who…
o You’re better than that
v Maybe he didn’t have a choice
x You’re supposed to say his name

Do you think i’m mad ?
o You just had a hard childhood…
v Not at all
x I’m not sure what to think…

Barnaby casts his Charms with brute force. His bullheadedness can clear any obstacle, and his knowledge of Slytherin could prove useful…

Here are the questions and answers for friendships if you hanging out with Barnaby :

Meal with a Friend – Beat Barnaby’s Creature Quiz
Which creature is from Africa ?
o Phoenix
o Fwooper
x Flobberworm

Which creature lays eggs ?
o Augurey
o Chimaera
x Yeti

Which one makes the best pet ?
o Puffskein
x Niffler
x Billywig

Which creature can fly ?
o Snallygaster
o Hippogriff
x Unicorn

Play Gobstones – Win at Gobstones by Confusing Barnaby!
How do you like Gobstones ?
o Gobstones are my favourite food
v It’s confusing
x I like that it’s easy to understand

Let’s join the Gobstones Club
o We founded the Gobstones Club
v Let’s drink Confusing Concoction
x Let’s appreciate the spimplicity

Wait until you see this move…
o I just saw it
v I’ll watch with my eyes closed
x I hope it’s easy to understand

Drink Butterbeer – Prove how well you know Barnaby!
Where did we meet ?
o Potions Class
x The clocktower Courtyard
x Charms Class

Who did my dad used to know ?
o You-Know-Who
o Horace Slughorn
x Salazar Slytherin


What am i best known for ?
o Being tough
x Being smart
x Being an Animagus