Hit A Kadomatsu With An Item 3 Times In A Single Race Mario Kart Tour

By | January 2, 2020

Hit A Kadomatsu With An Item 3 Times In A Single Race Mario Kart Tour

Do you know how to kadomatsu in mario kart tour ? which stage that have this thing available ? well find out where to hit kadomatsu here to finish the new year’s tour challenge 🙂
Nintendo Mobile Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android devices

you can find kadomatsu mostly in any stage just like finding christmas tree on christmas holiday tour, because it’s kinda tradition for japanese to put kadomatsu for new year
but first you need to know what kadomatsu is ! kadomatsu is the decoration that consist of 3 bamboos, and it comes in pair.. which means you can find it 2 in 1 round easily
on the first stage Tokyo Blur 2 there are 4 kadomatsu, the first pair is before the finish line and the second pair is near the torii red gate
and you can hit it with basically any item that can make opponent crash like green / red turtle shells, giant mushroom, bob-omb and driver special skill too =)
so just choose any players that have frenzy to complete these challenge easily because you can drive through the kadomatsu when frenzy and it will be counted !

you will see a text pop up on right : HAPPY NEW YEAR when you hit the kadomatsu
GOOD Luck ! i hope this guide help you finish the challenge 🙂


Hit a Kadomatsu with an item 3 times in a single race mario kart tour