How To Take Out 3 Pipes Mario Kart Tour

By | September 28, 2019

One of the task to complete in Tour Challenges 1 is to Take out 3 pipes, so i will explain Guide How To Take Out 3 Pipes in Mario Kart Tour easily !
Nintendo Mobile Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android devices

walkthrough of Mario Kart Tour Take Out 3 Pipes

first you need to pick the circuit that have pipes in it, there are 2 stage that you can easily spot pipes :
1. Mario Cup : Mario Circuit 1
2. Peach Cup : Mario Circuit 1R


Use Frenzy character in order to get 3 items per item box, use power up to hit the pipes
In frenzy mode you can easily hit your opponnent and take out pipe !
To use frenzy mode you must use these characters in each circuit :
1. Mario Cup : Mario Circuit 1 = MARIO
2. Peach Cup : Mario Circuit 1R = PEACH
then get 3 same items from the box to get frenzy !

Use the item box that can take out pipe like :
blue shell and bullet bills missile to hit the green pipe

use power up mushroom to get big and hit the pipe

special character power up that can take out pipe like bowser shell
notice that there’s a notification when you hit the pipe


the good thing is you don’t need to complete this challenge in 1 round, so you can repeat it over and over until it count as 3 ! when you’re done, you will get this badge notification in Tour Challenges 1 pop up :
Congratulations ! Mario Kart Tour Take out 3 pipes Challenge cleared !

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