Adventure Escape Space Crisis Chapter 1 Walkthrough

By | July 1, 2016

Adventure Escape Space Crisis Chapter 1 Walkthrough to enter the silent station – Play as commander morgan to find the missing crew and bring them back home ! Solve the puzzle logic on space station to escape with a lot of unique challenges, save the station and return home in Adventure Escape: Space Crisis !
A Science Fiction Mystery and Puzzle Survival Story – Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Space Crisis Level 1 Solution

escape space silent station walkthrough
find objects to aid you in your adventure
pick up the key card from the shuttle panel
select the key card from inventory and use it to open the override panel
look at the manual on top to learn how to override the autopilot
x – – – x x
– x – x – –
– – x – – –

the rows on the diagram manual represent up – middle down positions for the toggle
the columns represent which toggle
tap the button on middle and press it :
up middle down middle up up

now move the ship path to create the shortest waypoint around the station

after you enter the station look at the sign near door : 7259
open 2 yellow box to get a probe and enter with the code to get a device

press the button to open the door
get batteries and screwdriver from panel
back to the left and use all items to the device
get the air testing device

go to right and press the monitor
tilt your phone / device to match the ring with hole
use the air testing device then back to the left room and close the door


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