Adventure Escape Space Crisis Chapter 4 Walkthrough

By | July 4, 2016

Adventure Escape Space Crisis Chapter 4 Walkthrough to find out the story of 5 hours ago flashback – Play as commander morgan to find the missing crew and bring them back home ! Solve the puzzle logic on space station to escape with a lot of unique challenges, save the station and return home in Adventure Escape: Space Crisis !
A Science Fiction Mystery and Puzzle Survival Story – Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Space Crisis Level 4 Solution

escape space flashback walkthrough
you need to adjust the setting of jake’s spacesuit
ignore these : power left – life support – time alive
just change these bars :
O2 = 3 bars
CO2 = 4 bars
Temp = 6 bars

now in present time you need to fix the frequency waves to get the communication waves works, here’s the puzzle solution :
pick the wave images to get the correct combination on top and complete this level


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