Adventure Escape Space Crisis Chapter 5 Walkthrough

By | July 4, 2016

Adventure Escape Space Crisis Chapter 5 Walkthrough for spacewalk – Play as commander morgan to find the missing crew and bring them back home ! Solve the puzzle logic on space station to escape with a lot of unique challenges, save the station and return home in Adventure Escape: Space Crisis !
A Science Fiction Mystery and Puzzle Survival Story – Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Space Crisis Level 5 Solution

escape space spacewalk walkthrough
get the clamp on left and go to left engineering room
open the panels to get tether, printing material and caliper ruler
put the printing material to the printer, then turn on the printer to get the key
go out

move to the lab room
use key to get tank with liquid on top middle
get hose and memorize the left FUSE color clue
place the tank of liquit on left garbage disposal and press the red button to remove the liquid
now place it on middle to fill it

change the diamond color like the hint, then press the button to mix them
get the full fuel tank and go out

go inside the left airlock room
get a jactpak and tether then go outside

back to engineering room
place the jetpack on left, then attach the tank using clamp
measure the hole using caliper ruler, you will get 12.5
use the printer to print size 12.5 valve
connect the valve + hose to the jetpack

now you need to balance the weight for each side to get 40
get the jetpack and go out

go to the airlock room
connect the tethers to the main tether on middle
get the suit and go out to rescue jake
you need to press the arrow button when the arrow direction reach the bottom to complete this level


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