Beyond Hogwarts Wizard Trivia Hogwarts Mystery

By | November 21, 2023

These are the list of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Beyond Hogwarts Wizard Trivia that available for each volume chapters and also can be used on the Carnival ! Test your knowledge of the Wizarding World.
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List of Question : Answers

An Auror applicant needs high N.E.W.T. scores in how many subjects? : Five
Around how many years was my brother trapped in a portrait? : 8
Azkaban prison is located somewhere in which body of water? : North Sea
Bowman Wright used to live here. What did he invent? : Golden Snitch
Can you tell me what the ‘O’ in ‘ROCC’ stands for? : Obscure
Centaurs have lived in the forest since when? : The 19th century
Choose the plant that oozes Stinksap when prodded. : Mimbulus mimbletonia
Do you work for the city? Which Department? : Maintenance
Dress Robes are worn on… : Special ocassions
Have I seen you here before? : You must be confused
Hogwarts history is long, do you recall when was our school founded? : 10th century
Hogwarts motto, Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus translates to… : Never tickle a sleeping dragon
How is a robe distinguished from a cape or cloak? : Robes have sleeves
How many wizarding schools are there currently around the world? : 8
How many years of training is required to become an Auror? : Three
How often is the Quidditch World Cup held? : Every four years
I am always reminding you to show constant… what? [Madeye] : Vigilance
I was born in which Scottish city? [Callum] : Glasgow
I’m curious, when was St Mungo’s founded? : 1600s
If I needed to counteract an enchantment, which plant would I use? : Moly
If you’re looking for the latest conspiracy theory, you might buy… : The Quibbler
In our fifth year, who helped me create a map of the Black Lake? [Badeea] : Talbott Winger
Merlin was a legendary wizard! Which Hogwarts House was he sorted into? : Slytherin
Remember the name of the spell we invented together? [Badeea] : Star Shower Spell
Rita Skeeter writes for what paper? : The Daily Prophet
The Apparition Test Centre is part of which Department? : Magical Transportation
The Ludicrous Patents Office is part of which Department? : Magical Games and Sports
The Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office is part of which Department? : Magical Law Enforcement
This one ought to be easy for you. Where is Hogwarts located? : Scottish Highlands
This should be easy. What’s my Hogwarts house? [Badeea] : Ravenclaw
Werewolves in their transformed state are classified as what? : Beasts

What are you doing in the trash? : I lost something…
What can kill a Dementor? : They can’t die.
What colour is Burn-Healing Paste? : Orange
What did the ancient Greeks used to call Merpeople? : Sirens
What House was I in? [Hagrid] : Gryffindor
What is a Snitchnip in Quidditch? : A foul
What is contained within the Book of Admittance? : The birth of every magical child
What kind of stringent tests do all Aurors undergo? : Character and aptitude tests
What might you get repaired at Dervish and Banges? : A Self-playing Tuba
What mixture can treat a werewolf bite, but won’t cure lycanthropy? : Powdered silver and Dittany
What sub-species of Merpeople live below the Black Lake? : Selkies
What will yeh not find in me garden? [Hagrid] : Bubotubers
What year did I graduate Hogwarts? : 1991
What year was it when I first arrived at Hogwarts? : 1984
What’s a distinctly un-magical colour? : Peach
What’s that dreadful-tasting potion that restored my bone called? : Skele-Gro
What’s the most powerful Love Potion? : Amortentia
What’s the most powerful Luck Potion? : Felix Felicis
What’s the most powerful Truth Serum? : Veritaserum
When did I become Hogwarts Headmaster? [Dumbledore] : 1960s
When did my kind reject the Being classification in favor of Beast? [centaurs] : 1811
When did the First Wizarding War officially began? : 1970
When I was a student at Hogwarts, which house was I in? [Callum] : Slytherin
Where did the first recorded game of Quidditch take place? : Queerditch Marsh
Which alchemist created the only known Philosopher’s Stone? : Nicolas Flamel
Which Charm allows The Daily Prophet to change with the news? : The Protean Charm
Which domesticated creature can used as weapons by Merpeople? : Lobalug
Which famed Magizoologist is also a proud Hufflepuff? : Newton Scamander
Which famed Ravenclaw invented Floo powder? : Ignatia Wildsmith
Which Hogwarts employee may freely visit the centaur camp? : Hagrid
Which Hogwarts former student is captain of the Holyhead Harpies? : Gwenog Jones
Which Hogwarts former student was the youngest ever Minister for Magic? : Millicent Bagnold
Which Hogwarts former student wrote A History of Magic? : Bathilda Bagshot
Which is not a shop in Hogsmeade? : Ollivander’s
Which Minister for Magic first utilised Dementors as guards? : Damocles Rowle
Which of these isn’t one of the Unforgivable Curses? : Fiendfyre
Which of these plants is most likely to bite you? : Venomous Tentacula
Which of these potions is NOT used in healing? : Amortentia
Which of these spells would NOT easily kill you? : Obliviate
Who forged the Sword of Gryffindor? : King Ragnuk the First
Who founded St Mungos? : Mungo Bonham
Who investigates crimes related to the Dark Arts? : Aurors
Who lives in Hogsmeade? : Only wizards and witche
Who of these is a resident of Godric’s Hollow? : Bathilda Bagshot
Who was the first inhabitant of Azkaban? : Ekrizdis

Is Flipendo a jinx, a hex or a curse? : Jinx
Is Petrificus Totalus a jinx, a hex or a curse? : Curse
Is Langlock a jinx, a hex or a curse? : Hex
Wands with this core produce the most consistent magic. : Unicorn Hair
Wands with this core sometimes act of their own accord. : Phoenix Feather
Wands with this core have the most power. : Dragon Heartstring
Who wrote ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’? : Newt Scamander
Witches and Wizards use griffins and sphinxes to guard what? : Treasure
Yeh once helped me get rid o’ an infestation o’ what creature in me hut? [Hagrid] : Bundimuns


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