Callum McClintock Friendships Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

By | August 22, 2023

Completing Beyond Hogwarts Volume 1 Chapter 2 unlocks Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Callum McClintock as a friend. You can read his Hangout quiz here. At least for his first few levels, Callum’s XP seems to be the same as Cedric, who required 51200 XP to max out.
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Callum McClintock is a skillful curse-breaker and seasoned ROCC agent, whose skills make him a valuable ally or formidable opponent. He’s a bit secretive and slow to trust, but once he does, he’s a fiercely loyal friend.”

Callum’s recommended attributes take a big jump starting at 51 Courage, 52 Empathy, 52 Knowledge and go up to 72 Courage, 72 Empathy, 73 Knowledge at Level 9.
Drink Butterbeer with Callum

How well do you know Callum McClintock ? and Catch-up with Callum question and answers :

Who introduced us?
o Mad-Eye Moody. (Co)
x Professor Snape
x Albus Dumbledore

What did I first say my job was?
o Janitor. (Em)
x Minister for Magic
x Jackalope wrangler

What did we first talk about?
o Cursed objects. (Co)
o The cursed amulet. (Em)
x The cursed vaults

I solve this kind of case…
o Rare, Obscure, Confounding. (Co)
x Really Oddly Coloured
x Rakepick-Oriented Conspiracy

How do I enter the ROCC?
o Through a bin in an alley. (Kn)
v Secretly. (Kn)
x It’s at the back of a bakery

Where did we meet?
o The Ministry of Magic. (Kn)
x Dumbledore’s Office
x The ROCC


Callum McClintock max reward is his jacket :