Reserve Garden Locked Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

By | August 11, 2023

Finished with the harry potter hogwarts mystery beyond hogwarts volume 1 chapter 4 main story but the reserve garden is locked ? well you’re not alone, a lot of players also have the same problem… where there’s a mandatory chapter tasks that you need to complete with 3 stars : gather creature food at reserve garden =( also the optional task Explore The ROCC at ROCC Division is stuck ? because there’s no exclamation to start the task ??
Story tasks Complete ! Finish required Chapter Tasks to continue
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

on Beyond Hogwarts Volume 1 Chapter 4 Chapter Tasks there are 2 Mandatory and 2 Optional
Mandatory :
– Keeping Up Appearances at Ministry Office
– Gather Creature Food at Reserve Garden
Optional :
– Explore The ROCC at ROCC Division
– Sort Mail at Enter Flat

but 2 of them have glitch, specially the mandatory one in order to move on to next chapter 5
so how to unlock Reserve Garden in Hogwarts Mystery ?
unfortunately you need to wait until jamcity fix this error… nothing else you can do about it.

if you don;t have this error glitch, you will see the pig icon to enter the reserve garden

and you can chat with hagrid to start the garden task


gather creature food 3 stars task in beyond hogwarts