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Take out 5 Piranha Plants Mario Kart Tour

Take out 5 Piranha Plants Mario Kart Tour Do you know how to find piranha plant in mario kart tour ? which stage that have this thing available ? well find out where to take out piranha plant here to finish the tour challenge đŸ™‚ Nintendo Mobile Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android devices There are 3… Read More »

Take Out 5 Traffic Cones Mario Kart Tour

In Halloween Tour Challenges 2 you need to take out 5 traffic cones, so where to find traffic cone in mario kart tour ? which circuit have this items ? this is an easy challenge, all you need to do is hit the cone along the way and it will count as 1 đŸ™‚ Nintendo Mobile Mario Kart… Read More »

Search The Galaxy For A Ghost Borderlands 3

On bloody harvest : descent into heck after you talk to Maurice check your side mission menus there’s a side quest to Search the galaxy for a ghost ! where to search the ghost ? well they spawn in groups of normal enemies, just find the one with green aura ! electra city voracious canopy and slaughters Search… Read More »