Escape Master Reverse 1999 Guide

By | November 13, 2023

Bio of the Great Thief Puzzle guide for stage 10 Escape Master Reverse 1999 The theft of the rimet cup – you will have a 13 days limited time to complete the challenge. At last, the most exciting part, the final question.
Here are the rules of the puzzle :
The securities will be alert if someone prowl past in front of them.
1. If alertness reach 100, the mission will fail.
2. The securities will alter their patrol route from time to time. Please make the most of it.

The spotlight will light the area in front of it. Please be careful.
1. Alertness will be increased by 100 if detected by the light.
2. Make use of the glass case to hide from the spotlight.

complete steps :

Smear the sleeping potion on the blades of the ventilation fan, and wait for the breeze blow across the room.
1. Proceed here with your smoke potion to avoid being exposed in front of the securities and the spotlight.
2. Remember, the mist only last 10s.The securities will be alert if someone prowl past in front of them.

Step by step Reverse 1999 Guide Escape Master Level 10
move to the right to block the light

move the top left block to the right

then move the block to the bottom spot

go to the vent to release the smoke

move the bottom left block that blocking the light down

move the top right block down

then move it to the right

then move it to the top spot


for the last block move it to the middle spot
the door will open and you can escape !