Covered Bridge To The Quidditch Pitch Magic Awakened

By | February 6, 2024

You feel a sense of enthusiasm for the Golden Snitch on the covered bridge to the Quidditch pitch is the first clue of Magic Awakened Fireworks And Friendship ! The hint mention the covered bridge location, so you need to go there in order to complete the puzzle piece !

before entering the puzzle, you can look at a note from McGonagall
An unfortunate incident involving an…overly enthusiastic fifth year’s Confundus Charm resulted in several owls becoming confused and disoriented.
The owls are unharmed, but i’m afraid many of the letters and parcels they were carrying have been misdelivered, scattered, or otherwise lost.
If you find yourself missing mail, i suggest keeping an eye out around the castle and its grounds.
Minerva McGonagall

Now to find the location :
First you need to open the map and go the the Quidditch Pitch, then fly up to the bridge.

You will find the letters, Click it to read the letter and complete the first puzzle piece !

here’s the letters from Willa :
Good day. Bet you weren’t expecting a letter from me, were you ? Well, i suppose it isn’t technically from me – I can’t hold a quill myself , being a ghost and all. Fortunately i was able to rope Robyn into penning my message with the promise of teaching her some Quidditch moves.
Anyway, i just wanted to thank you again for helping me relive what it’s like to catch a Snitch. It means more to me than you know. All right, that’s enough mushy stuff. If you’re ever up for a race or a match, you know where to find me. Just don’t expect me to go easy on you !
Your friend in the skies, Willa


Step by step location for day 1 of Fireworks And Friendship Puzzle :

good luck completing all 6 Fireworks And Friendship puzzle pieces