The dragonologist hails from where his story unfolded Magic Awakened

By | February 7, 2024

The dragonologist hails from where his story unfolded is the second clue of Magic Awakened Fireworks And Friendship ! The hint mention the dragonologist from previous season, Shouren ! so you need to go where Shouren location in order to complete the puzzle piece !

If you remember where you fight Shouren, it’s near Hagrid’s Hut !
So go to hagrid’s hut and go out to the fence ! you will find the letters on it.

Click it to read the letter and complete the 2nd puzzle piece !

here’s the letters from Shouren :
I hope this letter finds you in good health. Knowing you, I am sure you have been on a great many adventures since we last spoke. I have had my fair share as well, including a rather trying ordeal involving a poacher, an Erumpent, and a Muggle safari tour group. Ah, but that is a story for another time…
You will be happy to hear that your dragon is growing into a fine young dragon. Just the other day, much to my great pride, she blew her first real fire breath. I wish you could see her, but it is still far too dangerous – for all of us – to share our location. For now, just know that she misses you and, like myself, looks forward to the day that we can reunite.
Sincerely, Shouren


Step by step location for day 2 of Fireworks And Friendship Puzzle :

good luck completing all 6 Fireworks And Friendship puzzle pieces