Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Friendships Guide

By | May 15, 2018

Walkthrough for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Friendships Guide – You will start unlocking friendship levels when you play gobstones with rowan in year 1 chapter 3, and if you wonder how to level up friendships for each character ? also how to unlock more characters on friendships menu ? find all the answers below 🙂
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

you can get gem rewards as you level up the friendship for each characters
here where you will meet these characters :

Year 1 :
Rowan Khanna ; year 1 chapter 1
Ben Copper ; year 1 chapter 3
Penny Haywood ; year 1 chapter 6

Year 2 :
Bill Weasley ; year 2 chapter 6

Year 3 :
Tulip Karasu ; year 3 chapter 5
Nymphadora Tonks ; year 3 chapter 1
Barnaby Lee ; year 3 chapter 2

so keep playing to unlock the character if it’s not available yet

there are some chapters that special for the characters, like Bill Weasley and Tulip Karasu

there’s also some side quest to level up your friendships levels !

How do I spend time with non-player characters ?
Some quests aren’t about completing classes or learning spells, but spending time with friends! These activities are indicated by the handshake icon.
Select the icon to begin your interaction, including eating in the Great Hall and playing Gobstones. You can see the recommended attributes for a successful interaction below the title. Meeting the recommended attribute levels will improve your chances of completing the interaction, but you will still need to make the correct choices!

the interactions to unlock so far : play gobstones, meal with a friend, drink butterbeer

What do each of the symbols mean when I spend time with non-player characters ?
During these activities you will find options that correspond with the three main attributes: Courage, Empathy, and Knowledge. The green Shield icon indicates a courageous option, the pink Heart icon indicates an empathetic option, and the purple Book icon indicates a knowledgeable option.
You can see your friend’s current mood to the left of the screen. Select the option you think will make them respond positively, and give you the best chance of succeeding in the interaction. Some options will require a certain attribute level. Raising your attribute levels in classes gives you more options!

How can I tell which option will be best when I spend time with non-player characters ?
You can gauge your friend’s mood by looking at their portrait in the upper left of the screen. There is also a short description of what your friend is thinking, and their current mood in the bottom left.
Use these clues along with your knowledge of the story and overall lore to determine which option might be best! If you have a high level in a certain attribute, and choose the corresponding option, you will earn more bonus progress toward completing the activity!


What if I can’t complete the interaction in the turn limit?
You need to fill the progress bar within the turn limit to complete the activity. If you don’t fill the progress bar in time, you can try the activity again.
Raising your attribute levels by going to class increases your chance of being successful in these intereactions.