Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Boggarts And Butterbeer Walkthrough

By | May 16, 2018

Guide for Year 3 Chapter 2 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Boggarts And Butterbeer Walkthrough – The werewolf’s harsh growl and spittle-flecked muzzle haunt your dreams, and you will not soon forget the look of fear in Penny Haywood’s eyes. A Boggart at Hogwarts!
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 3 Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Meet bill at Great Hall and after you check Penny condition after that boggart appeared in herbology class, soon you’ll notice that he’s a Gryffindor Prefect now ! he suggested maybe you’ll be a prefect one day, too?
you will have 3 responds :
– i would be honoured
– i’d get respect
– i’m too mischievous

Bill think that Hagrid is always caring for terrifying creatures, you should ask him what he knows about boggarts….
Now talk to Hagrid at courtyard, you’ll ask him how’s his summer. Where he raised a litter of Flobberworms in the hut, but they’re full-grown and don’t know what to do with them ?
3 options to choose :
– set them free
– use them in potions
– use them as targets

Discuss Boggarts with hagrid and get 1 star in 3 hours activity. As for Boggart, Hagrid haven’t seen one of them for years.. not since your brother was a student and ask the same question! so there’s a connection about the curse vaults after all.
He thought one of the vaults played on the fears of anyone who tried to open it. So he must have done a lot of research on the vaults, where do he kept his notes ? Hagrid said that he spent a lotta time at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and Madam Rosmerta who works at the inn, she might have an idea about his notes.
All you need to do is talk to your Head of House to go to hogsmeade and Hagrid will be waiting for you at the Three Broomsticks.

There are 2 Lessons to finish in order to finish this chapter :
– Potion Class : Wideye Potion : 5 stars in 3 hours
– Herbology Class : Dried Nettles : 5 stars in 8 hours

In potion class Merula will introduce her new associates Barnaby and Ismelda. Then he will mock your brother, and you will have 3 options to respond :
– Stand up to her
– Reason with Her
– Ignore her
later Rowan will tell you that Barnaby is one of the strongest wizard in your year, but he’s thicker than a troll.

Now go to your House and tell the professor that you have permission slip to go for hogsmeade, too bad that you are banned from Hogsmeade even with your sad little permission slip.
If you want to earn Hogsmeade privileges, you will need to study diligently. Then you may go to Hogsmeade.
you will have 2 respond :
– Yes, Professor
– This is an outrage!

if you choose the 2nd option then the professor will cut 10 points from your house
now all you need to do is to pay extra attention in class and study in Hogwarts Library
Rowan will help you and he / she will ask if you want to go to the library now ?
– let’s do it!
– no thanks


In library you will meet new character : Madam Pince the librarian
Study in the library will need 1 star to pass in 3 hours, when you’re done this chapter is complete 🙂