Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Penny For Your Thoughts Walkthrough

By | May 16, 2018

Find out what happen if you choose Penny to drink the Forgetfulness Potion or not in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Penny For Your Thoughts Walkthrough – Something strange is going on with Penny Haywood. Maybe you can find out what’s wrong.
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Penny For Your Thoughts Walkthrough

You will unlock this side quest in year 3 ! After the boggart that appeared as werewolf in Herbology Class you will check her condition in next chapter then you can talk to penny at great hall for more secrets of her.

All of Hogwarts is talking about you after what happened whit the cursed vaults. Do you like having so much attention ?
– I love it
– I hate it

get to know penny in Learn Penny’s Secret with recommended attributs : 15 16 16 and get 3 diamonds for XP and friendships rewards
here are the answers for each options :
I don’t talk about my home life – you can talk to me
what would you like to know ? where are you from
i’m from london – tell me more…
i’m half blood – thanks for opening up to me
so what we know about penny :
she’s a half-blood witch, grew up in London and have a little sister, Beatrice

now she will need you to do a favour in the potions classroom after curfew

you need to cast Petrificus Totalus on a ravenclaw prefect, your options :
– cast the spell
– think it over
– no…
if you choose no, penny will cast the spell herself, go inside the potion classroom and help her steal some Lethe River Water from Potions, your options :
– that’s cool
– that’s stealing

next you will have a collect ingredients activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours, then you need to bring her Valerian Sprigs from Herbology Classroom

Go to Corridor and help penny brew something ! you have 2 drops of Lethe River Water, 2 Valerian Sprigs, 2 measures of Standard Ingredient, 4 Mistletoe Berries
Do you know what potion we’re making ?
– Draught of Living Death
– Forgetfulness Potion
– Love Potion

The answer is Forgetfulness Potion to erase part of someone’s memory, she’s going to use it on herself. To brew forgetfulness potion you will need 5 stars to pass in 3 hours

here’s the sad story by Penny why she scared by werewolf :
Remember how my Boggart took the form of a werewolf? It wasn’t just any werewolf…
Every summer my family spends time in the country. I had a friend up there…a Muggle… Her name was Scarlett.
Last year we went out for a walk one night and saw a werewolf.Scarlett was fascinated, and wanted to see where it was going.
I had my wand, but when it noticed us, I froze. By the time i had the courage to do something, it was too late for Scarlett.
She’s dead because of me. It hurts to remember it. I want to forget.

Now here’s the options that you need to choose !
She will ask you : Should i drink the Forgetfulness Potion ?
– yes
– no

if you choose YES then you will respond :
You: I wouldn’t want to have a memory like that. I’d drink it if i were you.
Penny: All right, then. No more nightmares.
You: How do you feel?
Penny: … About what?
You: I guess it worked.
Penny: What are you talking about?
You: Nothing. Let’s just forget this ever happened…

So Penny will drink it and forget about the conversation that you’re having.

if you choose NO then you will respond :
You: Forgetting won’t change what happened. What if you forget more than you intend to? What if you forget yourself?
Penny: Could that happen ?
You: Are you willing to take the risk? Our memories make us who you are. They make you stronger. Scarlett would want you to remember her.
Penny: you’re right. Okay. Thank you. I won’t forget what you did for me.


So Penny agreed not drink it and gave up the whole thing at the last second.