Hilarious Meme King Level 13 Walkthrough

By | May 2, 2024

Man and Woman solution for Hilarious Meme King Level 13 Walkthrough ! Improve life ! There are 2 clocks on the ground :
– red clock for the past
– blue clock for the future
so follow these step by step solution in order to solve the puzzle in this level.

the story in this level is the man cheated with another woman while her wife and baby being left out…
and there’s a paper that can give you parents, either angry, dead or happy parents =))

Hilarious Meme King Level 1-50

drag the red clock to these items one by one and it will changed :
– vegetables grocery into food
– ground into road
– soil into plant
– wife into single woman
– young girl into dirty girl
– man into boyfriend

now the tricky part is on the bowl of soup that the boyfriend holding
you need to drop it by swiping it down to the ground
now drag the blue clock into these items :
– car into new car
– fat dog into healthy dog
– snowy sky into clear blue sky
– paper into happy parents

and that’s how you pass level 13 ! there are some bad scenario if you forget to drop the bowl from the mans’ hand
if you drag the blue clock to the paper while the man still holding the bowl of soup, then the parents will become death =))


i hope this guide helpful for you ! good luck solving the Hilarious Meme King Level 13