Hilarious Meme King Level 4 Walkthrough

By | May 1, 2024

Visiting the doctor solution for Hilarious Meme King Level 4 Walkthrough ! Helping the doctor with his visits ! there are some steps you need to follow in order to solve the puzzle in this level.

There are 7 patients in this level, and as a doctor you need to use the item on this room.. almost all items you can find on the bookshelf, but there are some tricky parts !

Hilarious Meme King Level 1-50

first patient is the couple
the girl is angry because the doctor request to lift up the boyfriend shirt and she want to cure him herself
drag the blue book on the bookshelf and give it to the girl

second patient is a young woman
she feel a little feversih
drag the black coat on hanger and give it to her

third patient is man
his heart rate is not normal, he will describe the waveform
get the music ipod on the shelf and give it to him

fourth patient is a girl
she can’t sleep at night
drag the hammer on shelf and hit her head

fifth patient is a couple
the girl’s hand hurts
drag the boyfriend lips to the girl’s hand

sixth patient is a school couple
the girl’s stomach hurts, she just lost a lot of blood
she just menstruating, drag the pad from shelf and give it to the girl

seventh patient is a man
he will ask the doctor : how is my wife ?
drag the glass on table to his head, then throw the water to the toilet


i hope this guide helpful for you ! good luck solving the Hilarious Meme King Level 4