Magic Awakened Dragon Egg

By | November 4, 2023

Dragon egg is hatching ! Guide how to hatch Magic Awakened Dragon Egg ! In order to caring for your dragon egg, there are three conditions listed below will deteriorate every hour :
Happy Hatchling : mood
Comfortably Toasty : temperature
Fresh air : comfort
Hatchling handbook : Hatch a dragon egg

Information on how to raise each condition :
– Temperature | Comfortably Toasty
Obtain items (firewoods, gloves, shovel) on your daily adventures and interact with the egg to maintain its temperature.
Temperature items can be obtained during the Playing with Dragon’s Fire season via the following daily activities :
Duels (Top Wizard & Best Partners)
Dance Club
Forbidden Forest

Players can obtain as many Temperature items as possible, which will be removed from their Knapsack at the end of the season.

– Mood | Happy Hatchling
Play the harp to entertain the dragon egg and improve its mood

– Comfort | Fresh air
Interact with the window to keep the egg ventilated and comfortable

Egg Conditions
Your hatchling’s appearance will be determined by its condition status at the end of the countdown timer :
– Temperature : The temperature condition affects the colour of your hatchling
– Comfort : The comfort condition affects your hatchling’s overall ratio and tail size
– Mood : The mood condition affects your hatchling’s body size


The three conditions can no longer be changed at the end of the countdown timer
Your hatchling’s appearance at birth will persists in subsequent stories and Hatchling Handbook stages