Murder Inn Chapter 6 Walkthrough

By | December 25, 2017

Murder Inn Chapter 6 Walkthrough how to solve camouflage, math, deer antlers, color dot puzzle – Help Detective Kate Gray to search the inn and interrogate suspects to gather clues and find the culprit! Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: Murder Inn! Will you find the killer before they strike again?
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Escape game by Haiku Games

video guide of murder inn chapter 6 cheat :

Adventure Escape Murder Inn Chapter 6 Solution
open the green tub on the ground and get the stencil
put it on the camouflage coat on left
pick up black paint on the top right shelf
use the black paint on the stencil
tap again to remove the stencil from the coat
play the camouglage tiles on left

look at the paper above the stack of shirts to get a clue
there are 2 hidden numbers in the tiles and jacket
the numbers are 2 3 5 7
look at the paper clue : a+b=c and c+b=d
solve what the 4 letters are and enter it in order on the safe lock to open

get the arrows from the safe
put the arrows in order to right holes using camera lenses as clue:
green – blue – red

tap the arm chair to the right to move it
get the yellow arrow
put both arrows in the holes on right wall

look at the paper on the table on bottom right
“only the heart matters” so look only 4 heart cards : 6 7 10 3
look at the deer with horn direction :
right – up – left – right

enter this code to open the cabinet lock
obtain a metal dial
for the vault door puzzle your goal is to rotate the center disc and hit 8 bars in correct order
the bars will turn green if you have hit them from the right direction

open the cabinet under the wine bottles
get key and use it to open the bottom left cabinet on middle
get the night vision goggles

tap on the painting on left wall
use night vision goggles to see the night view out the hole in the left wall
the carving in tree will help you open the 4 letter lock
enter JSEB to open

dots puzzle
your goal is to select all dots in specific order
choose blue red yellow green circle


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