Murder Inn Chapter 8 Walkthrough

By | December 25, 2017

Murder Inn Chapter 8 Walkthrough how to solve records track code, tokens, formula paper, glass tile puzzle – Help Detective Kate Gray to search the inn and interrogate suspects to gather clues and find the culprit! Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: Murder Inn! Will you find the killer before they strike again?
Adventure Escape: Murder Inn Escape game by Haiku Games

video guide of murder inn chapter 8 cheat :

Adventure Escape Murder Inn Chapter 8 Solution
get key from frank’s pocket
open the small drawer in table on bottom left corner
get thread inside

get the coat hanger near the jacket
use it to get the record in top left corner of the room
get the record from underneath frank’s arm
open the ottoman and get the last record

put all records on the player and use needle + thread to repair it
look at the painting of dog on wall
put the number of the track that mentions each object in painting
volume 1 = dog on track#3
enter 342 to open safelock

get 1st token on left chair
get 2nd token from ashtray with cigar
move plant under safe and get 3rd token
place all tiles on door play the puzzle

cigar boxes – bird across from a plant
rose across from crown

go inside
get the love note piece on floor
move the slippers and get papepr
get another paper under the rug in bathroom
turn off the water in tub and get paper
move the pillow on bed to get paper

combine all 5 pieces to the love note and play the puzzle game

open the cabinet under sink
get the bath oil from tub and use it to get key in pipe under sink
use key to open medicine cabinet above sink
pick up the nail scissors and glass tile from medicine cabinet
use scissors to cut open the chocolates

open bottom drawer of left table and get key
use it to open the cabinet under record player
add up the number of items in the formula in love note to open chest :
9 7 9 2

add the glass tiles to the puzzle in bathroom
you need to recreate the pattern in top middle
bottom left – blue on top right
bottom right – 2 red on bottom corner
top right – purple on top
top left – red no top left
get the key and use it to open left door


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