No Laughing Organic Matter Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

By | March 16, 2023

Help Tonks to pass Herbology N.E.W.T.s Side Quest in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery No Laughing Organic Matter ! Professor Sprout has given you a special assignment to care for an Alihotsy plant ! Things take a turn when Tonks nearly kills her plant. Failure could dash her dreams of getting into the Auror programme. Help Tonks revive her plant to earn a special bonus in the upcoming Herbology N.E.W.T.s!

There are 1 part of this side quest with 5 task set :
Task 1 : Attend Herbology at Herbology Classroom | Lower Floor – East
Complete Learn About the Alihotsy – 3 stars to pass | 8 hours

Before you leave, Professor Sprout going to test your Alihotsy knowledge :
What will eating the leaves of the Alihotsy cause ?

What is the antidote to eating Alihotsy leaves ?
Glumbumble treacle

What should you put in your pot to help your Alihotsy plant grow ?

Task 2 : Meet with Tonks at Library | Lower Floor – East
Convince Tonks with 3 Diamonds to Pass
Convince Tonks to open up and tell you what’s bothering her :
Will you make fun of me ?
I would never

Are you going to help me ?
Of course I will !

Will you make fun of me ?
I would never

Will you tell Professor Sprout ?
This stays between us

How do i know i can trust you ?
I wouldn’t betray a friend

What if you’re too busy to help ?
I’ll make time !

What if you’re disappointed in me ?
I won’t judge you

Task 3 : Examine Tonks’s Plant at Forest Grove | Forbidden Forest
Find out what happened – 5 stars to pass | 8 hours

Task 4 : Consult with Talbott at Owlery | Castle Grounds
Review the Herbivicus charm – 5 stars to pass | 8 hours

Task 5 : Present your plant to Sprout at Herbology Classroom | Lower Floor – East
Present Your Plant – 5 stars to pass | 8 hours


Congratulations on completing No Laughing Organic Matter ! When you take your N.E.W.T.s later this year, you will be granted a bonus point in the Herbology subject. This will allow you to miss one question but still get full points !