Convince Duncan Hogwarts Mystery

By | March 16, 2023

Convince Duncan in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery ! In Year 7 Chapter 52 of Hogwarts Mystery you need to help Jacob, Olivia, and Duncan reconcile after all these years.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

Duncan attributes is high enough to make you frustate if you haven’t reached it =(

But now they’ve changed it :

on year 7 chapter 52 part 3/4 task you must convince Duncan inside Prefect’s Bathroom (West Towers)
Convince Duncan to go see Jacob and Olivia
so these are the questions and answers for you if you need help to get 3 diamonds to pass :
the first one (o) is the green answer and the second one (v) is yellow answer

– Why hasn’t Olivia visited me?
She didn’t know you were here. (o)
Why didn’t you go see her? (v)

– What will I get out of going?
You’ll reconnect with friends! (o)
You can get closure. (v)

– Who’d be friends with a ghost?
Jacob and Olivia would. (o)
I would! (v)

– What if the meeting is terrible?
I’ll make sure it goes well. (o)
It won’t be terrible at all. (v)

– What would we even talk about?
Your friendship! (o)
Whatever you want! (v)

– Has Jacob changed at all?
He’s trying to be better. (o)
You should find out for yourself. (v)


after you convince Duncan to see Olivia and Jacob