Starstruck Chapter 6 Walkthrough

By | November 2, 2017

Starstruck Chapter 6 Walkthrough how to solve dish plates, lamp color, fish box code, hit records puzzle – Help Detective Kate Gray find the missing famous actress, Perla. Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: Starstruck! Will you find the movie star before she’s struck down forever?
Adventure Escape: Starstruck – Mystery Story Room Escape game by Haiku Games

video guide of starstuck chapter 6 cheat :

Adventure Escape Starstruck Chapter 6 Solution
open the refrigerator and get appetizers
put the appetizers on the tray in the kitchen counter
heat it by put it in in the oven to the left of the kitchen
get the oven mitt in the cabinet above the oven to pick up the hot appetizers
use the corkscrew on the bottle of wine on the kitchen counter
get the empty wine glasses and wine bottle
go to the door
put the wine bottle, empty glasses and hot appetizers in the party room

find 6 missing dishes
1 from the dish washer on kitchen
5 from party room :
– left of the appetizers table
– hidden underneath the peacock’s tail
– to the left of the flamingo in the plants
– behind the meerkat
– behind the flamingo on the floor

place all 6 dishes you have found in on the dish zoom in the kitchen and arrange the dishes in the right order by swapping them

each dish must share a pattern with all of its adjacent dishes

use the key to unlock the front panel of the puzzle with 5 colored tubes of water
tap the rounded rectangles to select what color you are controlling
hit the colored circles to determine whether the circles are on or off
match the colored lights in the water to the colored lights on the dance floor
get the key from the colored lights and use the key to unlock the trapdoor revealed by the dish puzzle

move the rightmost reclining chair to reveal trophy
get the fish food from the bar
use the fish food on the aquarium table
count how many there are of each shape of fish and put the number in the lock under the reclining chair

put 3265 into the lock under the reclining chair

put the missing record on the display case
the record company is named hit records, spell H I T in the 3×3 grid


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