Starstruck Chapter 8 Walkthrough

By | November 3, 2017

Starstruck Chapter 8 Walkthrough how to solve door lock code, green box, box code, evidence puzzle – Help Detective Kate Gray find the missing famous actress, Perla. Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: Starstruck! Will you find the movie star before she’s struck down forever?
Adventure Escape: Starstruck – Mystery Story Room Escape game by Haiku Games

video guide of starstuck chapter 8 cheat :

Adventure Escape Starstruck Chapter 8 Solution
pick up the rocks on the floor
use it on the security camera and hit all 3 cameras with rocks

pick up the cement brick on the floor
use it to break the window to the warehouse

get the key on the box in the bottom left of warehouse interior and use it to unlock the dumpster
get the wrench from the cage inside the warehouse
use it to unbolt the oar from the boat outside the warehouse
use the oar on the paper in the dumpster to reveal the world cargo flight tracker

the 4 barcodes are organized by the last number of their serial number
look up the flights in the world cargo flight tracker and see what direction the plane is heading
enter the direction of the 4 planes in the lock in the back of the warehouse interior
right – left – up – left

look up the weights of the animals on the dosage chart to get a number
order the numbes based on the cost of animals : 825

go through the door with the green light in the warehouse
speak to the green haired man

drag the 2 pieces of evidence to the center boxes to make your case
perla’s sunglasses were in the monkey’s hand + flip flop

marco and marcie bought wedding flowers from axel
business card + receipt notes

axel dropped something near the park, profession ?
flower + footprints

axeld had the snake in his van and was delivering it to humble b
handwriting on the note crates + cobra vials

the snake venom kit proves the bite was from a cobra, what proves the cobra was in axels’ van
sign + guard

the park ranger knew something about rattlesnakes
monkey + notes


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