The Puzzling Pages Magic Awakened

By | October 28, 2023

Harry Potter Magic Awakened The Puzzling Pages Location answers ! a new event for Hogwarts Halloween ! Follow the clues and investigate the rumours within the Castle. For the reward you will get an adventure card – a perplexing card that mysteriously designates the tiles your piece travels.

In this new and mystifying event, follow the hints to various locations or residents for puzzle pieces, which, when pieced together, will solve a lingering mystery about Daniel. One hint will be unlocked daily until all six hints are present, can you unlock them all?

The Puzzling Pages Clue 1 :
Look, that’s one of the Bloody Pages ! Don’t stare at him, or he might just jinx you !
you can find the answer is on the viaduct or the bridge :
Find Daniel on the viaduct

The Puzzling Pages Clue 2 :
Why would anyone linger by the Black Lake ? He’s probably up to no good, like this father, you know.
you can find the answer is near the boathouse :
Find Lottie near the black lake

The Puzzling Pages Clue 3 :
I saw Page sneaking about in the Quidditch tent just now. Who knows if he’s doing something to the broomsticks.
you can find the answer is near the quidditch tent :

Find Robin inside the quidditch tent

The Puzzling Pages Clue 4 :
The library provides knowledge to the diligent and the talented, but some often turn to a more sinister path, seeking an edge in dark magic… and who’s to say he’s not one of them ?
you can find the answer is in the library :

Find Frey brothers in the library

The Puzzling Pages Clue 5 :
Another Mandrake plant went missing yesterday. If anyone saw anything, speak up, please.

Find Cassandra in the Herbology Classroom


The Puzzling Pages Clue 6 :
Is he looking for his next victim? Let’s take the other way.

Find Daniel in the courtyard fountain.