The Year of Nearly Headless Nick’s Near-Execution Hogwarts Trivia Hogwarts Mystery

By | September 13, 2023

The year of Nearly Headless Nick’s near-execution! Was it 1492, 1294, or 1937? that’s the second question of Hogwarts Mystery Hogwarts Trivia Side Quest – I hope you’re ready to study the Hogwarts ghosts for round two of the trivia competition !
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So Dumbledore will explain and asked you the second hogwarts trivia question :
Round two will be worth two points, and it will take a turn towards the supernatural. As Hogwarts is the most haunted location in all of England, we will focus on the Hogwarts ghosts. This question won’t be easy, so come prepared. I’ll see you all back here when it is time to begin.

You will have time to study before it started :
We have our work cut out for us, but we can still win this if we stay focused.
You’re right! Let’s regroup at the Three Broomsticks, so we can discuss all we know about the Hogwarts ghosts!
Then Dumbledore will give you the question :
I trust you’ve all come prepared. This round is worth two points, and it will focus on the Hogwarts ghosts.
Each of our beloved ghosts led a noteworthy life. One even served as a courtier to a king.
Unfortunately, this ghost was executed after failing to fix the teeth of a renowned lady in waiting.
For two points, name the ghost, the king he served, the lady, and the year of this ghost’s unfortunate end.

Your team will discuss :
All right, team, we have our question! Let’s discuss it a bit before we submit our answer…
After all that discussion, I think we’ve nearly got all four parts of the answer!
Yes! We know Nearly Headless Nick was a courtier in Henry VII’s court.
And he was executed after bungling an attempt at orthodontics for Lady Grieve.
But we can’t agree on the year of Nearly Headless Nick’s near-execution! Was it 1492, 1294, or 1937?

Here are the reaction for each options that you choose :
o 1492
The answer is 1492, I’m sure of it.
That sounds right! Let’s go with that!

x 1937
I believe the answer is 1937.
I didn’t realise Nearly Headless Nick was so young! But if you say so, let’s go with that.

x 1249
1249 sounds right to me.
If that’s what you think, let’s go with that! It sounds close enough…

All right! I’ll write it on the enchanted parchment and submit our answer…
I have received the current student team’s answer… But I’m still waiting on the former student team.


Dumbledore will give you the result for your answer :
The ghost in question was of course Nearly Headless Nick. And he served in Henry VII’s court.
The unfortunate lady-in-waiting was Lady Grieve, and the year of Nearly Headless Nick’s execution was 1492.