Who Was The Caretaker After Hankerton Humble Hogwarts Trivia Hogwarts Mystery

By | September 13, 2023

Who was the caretaker after Hankerton Humble? Rancorous Carpe or Gladwin Moon? that’s the third question of Hogwarts Mystery Hogwarts Trivia Side Quest – The third and final round – our most challenging – will be worth four points !
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Dumbledore will give you the theme of the final question :
After careful consideration, I’ve settled on a theme for the final round of the Hogwarts Trivia competition…
The theme of your final round is… A history of Hogwarts.
I’ll tell you now, it won’t be easy. But my hope is not to further stoke contention between the generations.
I hope you’ll be inspired to learn alongside one another. Good luck.

Your team will studying on the library :
Excuse me, Madam Pince. We’re looking for a copy of Hogwarts: A History for the student trivia team.

Dumbledore will explain and asked you the third hogwarts trivia question :
Hogwarts has had many celebrated heroes pass through its halls over the years.
But there are those who work equally hard behind the scenes to make Hogwarts such a special place.
We’ve had a long line of illustrious headmasters and headmistresses, but also, a long line of caretakers.
List the following Hogwarts caretakers in chronological order, starting with the first to serve our beloved school.
Apollyon Pringle, Rancorous Carpe, Hankerton Humble, and Gladwin Moon.

Your team will discuss :
We know Hankerton Humble was the first caretaker… But there’s some disagreement about who came next.
However, I do remember Mr Malfoy mentioning a caretaker when we were talking in the courtyard before.
He said he missed Apollyon Pringle, the caretaker before Filch. So, Pringle must be the last on the list.
Brilliant! So, we know Humble was first and Pringle was last…

The question is: who was the caretaker after Hankerton Humble? Rancorous Carpe or Gladwin Moon?
o Rancorous Carpe
It must be Rancorous Carpe!
I think you’re right!
After all, Merula and Ben said Gladwin Moon came between Rancorous Carpe and Apollyon Pringle.

x Gladwin Moon
I’m guessing it’s Gladwin Moon.


Dumbledore will give you the result for your answer :
For four points, here is the correct chronological order of our beloved caretakers…
Hankerton Humble, Rancorous Carpe, Gladwin Moon, and, finally, Apollyon Pringle.