Winning Duelling Club Strategy Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

By | July 13, 2018

Guide for Winning Duelling Club Strategy Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – In duelling club your opponents same moves do more damage to you than you do to them. So what’s the strategy to win ? here are some tips from reddit forum 🙂
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As far as strategy, your opponent’s first choice seems to be random. If you’re able to do some damage to them, they will likely choose Defensive so it worked for me to spam Sneaky. If you get behind in health then that’s tricky because they seem to do so much more damage to you.

Here’s how duelling works :
1. Enemy has 80 HP, you only have 40.
2. Enemy will waste turns if the choose defense and have full HP. It is almost always a good strategy to start each match with Aggressive stance because of this.
3. Sometimes the game just wants to cheat you and will pick the winning stance regardless of how strategically unlikely or statistically unlikely it is for them.
4. Things that have a chance of doing some effect aren’t viable. Go for the most damage you can do immediately cause hoping for a lucky stun/fire leads to disappointment.

How to Win at Duelling Club Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
The most important thing is this: every opponent is not a human, but a bot using stats of a human. You knew that. What it means is that bots can be predictable, and in this case, they are.

Every opponent has a set pattern of moves. It repeats every 4 (or 3/5, not sure; may depend on the opponent) moves. So what you actually need is survive the first few moves, take note of the pattern and, as soon as it starts to repeat (and it will), take advantage by using winning moves.

Here’s how I survived those first moves. Basically, it’s a variation on the casino trick (bet on red; if you lose, double your bet; if you win, bet on black).

Start Aggressive (A). If you lose and the opponent uses Defensive (D), there is a big chance your opponent will use a healing potion/spell, thus wasting a turn. If you win (opponent uses Sneaky (S)) or draw, hey, all the better.

If you lose, your next move should stay the same (A -> A, D -> D, S -> S).

If you win, move counterclockwise for your next move (A -> D, D -> S, S -> A).

If you draw, move clockwise for your next move (A -> S, D -> A, S -> D).


If you land on the Defensive, use the most effective healing potion/spell you have. As soon as you detect the pattern, it’s an automatic victory, so there’s no point in taking risks before that.
That enabled me to survive the first bit and then take advantage of the repeating pattern. I finished the event with 1 loss (it was the first fight and I didn’t yet deduce the above).