Driver With A Ribbon Mario Kart Tour

On Tokyo Tour Challenged 2 there’s a task to do 20 jump boosts in a single race using a driver with a ribbon. Now which character that have ribbon in mario kart tour ? find out the answer below 🙂 Nintendo Mobile Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android devices Mario Kart Tour Driver With A Ribbon there… Read More »

Fix Fortnite Screen Size PlayStation 4 Xbox One

How to resize your screen on PS4 and Xbox One Fortnite after chapter 2 season 11 update ? because you can’t see a bunch of stuff because the screen is too small it got zoomed in… you might notice like the picture above that the screen is cutoff in lobby where fortnite screen weirdly cropped ? it’s been… Read More »

Fix Fortnite Chapter 2 TV Screen Scale Size

Issues with screen size on console after Fortnite update chapter 2 ? Ever since the update my resolution is zoomed in a little too much. It was perfectly normal before the update. Is there an option in the settings or do I have to adjust my tv res? you might notice like the picture above that the screen… Read More »