Adventure Escape Mysteries Vanishing Act Walkthrough

By | November 20, 2023

Full Chapter Solutions of Adventure Escape Mysteries Vanishing Act Walkthrough – Detective Kate returns in Vanishing Act! Kate and Murphy attend a magic show on a long-awaited date. What could possibly go wrong?
Adventure Escape Mysteries Paradise Mystery – Mystery Story Room Escape game by Haiku Games

AE Mysteries Vanishing Act Walkthrough

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AE Mysteries Vanishing Act Chapter 1
Drama unfolds when Kate and Murphy finally get a night to themselves. Magic shows are full of surprises. When something goes wrong, what secrets will be revealed ?

Talk to harry then open the black box on right to get a Magician’s Cane
use it to reach the ladder on the middle
tap the ladder so Murphy can climb it and turn on the spotlight
click on the box with 4 digits code and card symbols
if you look at the poster, then you will find the number answer for each card symbols as order :
Heart = 4
Spade = 8
Diamond = 3
Club = 9

inside the box you can pick up Box Cutter and also find Murphy’s wallet… with driver’s license gone =))
show the wallet to Harry

drag the curtain to right to reveal the door
pick up the Wheel on floor and connect it to the MAGIC SHOW poster board so you can move it and revealing the moon prop
cut the rope with box cutter
open the blue panel on wall and get the drawer key

unlock the table drawer with flower vase using the key
get the screwdriver inside
use it to open the vent on top

Air Vent Puzzle :
Guide Kate and Murphy to the green tiles. Select one of their icons to control the other character. To open a gate, move one of them onto a matching colored floor button.

on Dressing Room
find Green Wig and Magician Token with on the right drawer
open left drawer to get Gold Mask
get the Dagger on board and use it to cut the mannequin dress on left open for Desk Key
use it to open the left drawer for Tablet and Heart Pendant
put it on left box to open it for Makeup and Black Mask
click on the mirror and use Makeup to reveal code mirrored : HOCUS
put tablet on the charger placement and enter the numbers that spell HOCUS = 35177
tap unlock all button from the tablet to open the hatch on floor
get Red Wig inside

Put the 2x wig and 2x Mask on the mannequin
to solve the puzzle you need to find the clue on tablet photo with dates as order for each wig and mask color
answer from left to right :
Wig : red – blue – yellow – green
Mask : gold – silver – blue – black
get another Magician Token

place 2 Tokens on the hatch puzzle
Arrange the tokens so that each one is in its matching colored section.
Press orange button to rotate the tokens around it. The lower orange buttons can be used to temporarily move tokens out of the way.
Get Smoke & Mirror Premium Membership card inside and Chapter 1 Complete


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