Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 18 Walkthrough

By | December 30, 2016

Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 18 Walkthrough to solve the donut puzzle and folder safe code – Play as Detective Kate Gray to find The Christmas Killer in 7 days before christmas : december 18 ! Solve the puzzle logic on this holiday in time to stop the killer strike again.
Adventure Escape Xmas Killer Mystery Story By Haiku Games

Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 18 Solution

xmas killer dec 18 walkthrough
you need to collect all folders :
blue folder under the coffee
red folder under the garbage
yellow folder on top left shelf next to the safe
green folder inside the table drawer
go to right and get purple folder on right table

look at the badges below the police headquarters sign
it’s a clue of shape, count the corner of each shape : 5 3 6 4

open left door and go inside the kitchen
cure dan hangover using the note on left wall :
common hangover cures : aspirin + greasy food
open the middle cabinet to get cup and fill it with water on right
open the first aid kit using the code : 5364 and get the aspirin
look at the donut on left box and solve the puzzle using the pattern
now give aspirin + water + donut to dan and get the last folder

back to your desk and open the bottom right drawer
put all the folders and rearrange them using the dots and dashes
here’s the order for top – bottom color :
pink – orange – yellow – red – light pink – skin color – light blue – blue – green – purple

now count the square on each column for code : 428256
use this code to open the safe box and get the case file
give it to the officer then pick up the left trash to get the phone up to talk to murphy a


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