Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 20 Walkthrough

By | January 12, 2017

Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 20 Walkthrough to solve fingerprints and blueprint puzzle – Play as Detective Kate Gray to find The Christmas Killer in 7 days before christmas : december 20 ! Solve the puzzle logic on this holiday in time to stop the killer strike again.
Adventure Escape Xmas Killer Mystery Story By Haiku Games

Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 20 Solution

xmas killer dec 20 walkthrough
go into the lab
get the key on floor, magnifying glass on cabinet and 1st tape on right floor
open the body bag and look for the powder dust on left door

find 2nd blank tape on table
use key to open the pink box and get the powdering brush
look at the note on computer with code : more
tap the left periodic table and find Mo Re = 42 75
enter the code to open the right closet lock : 4275
obtain the dusting powder + 3rd blank tape

back to the body
use the magnifying glass on these items then apply dusting powder + tape :
left broken lamp
ornament in the bag
after you got the fingerprint, use it on the fingerprint scanner

tap the left computer screen and you will see 3 balls with different materials :
gold – silver – copper
find the elemental symbol for these balls on periodic table : AU AG CU
enter the code on the computer and connect the fingerprints

after you back on the office, tap these items :
key card on floor
electric cord on box
blueprint on left cabinet

give the blueprints to murphy and use keycard to open the box next to him
place the voice device on table and connect it with electric cord

you will find blueprint puzzle location, the answer is B10 room 15
tap on the number 2x

now you need to push the boxes into the red square
you can follow the video guide how to solve it

next you can pick on these items :
pipe + stool + oil spray
use oil spray to open left toolbox and get a rag
place the stool on left then use the pipe on the valve
water will drip out and you can use the dry rag to get the water
now clean the right glass to find the clue of flags
up – down – up – middle – middle – down
use these hint to open the left cabinet and get the case file


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