Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 19 Walkthrough

By | December 30, 2016

Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 19 Walkthrough to solve number crossword and cat puzzle – Play as Detective Kate Gray to find The Christmas Killer in 7 days before christmas : december 19 ! Solve the puzzle logic on this holiday in time to stop the killer strike again.
Adventure Escape Xmas Killer Mystery Story By Haiku Games

Adventure Escape The Christmas Killer Dec 19 Solution

xmas killer dec 19 walkthrough
get the 1st scrap of quilting fabric
go inside the house and open the cabinet table to get 2nd scrap of quilting fabric + can
pick up can opener under the table and use it to open the can
pour the food into the bowl

look at the numbers crossword puzzle, if you solve it you will get code : 25267 on the red circle mark
go outside and use the code to open the shed and get shears + ladder
place the ladder on left tree and look at the cat number : 3

go upstairs of the house and get 3rd scrap of quilting fabric on floor
move to bathroom from left door
give the bowl to the black cat on left and see the number : 5
now use the shears to cut the grass on the window
pick up the 4th scrap of quilting fabric on right cabinet

go out and downstairs
give the grass to the cat inside the box, then check the number : 6

tap the left quilt on chair and place all 4 scraps on it then match the pattern
you can check the guide on the video, then you will get these animals :
swan – bunny
cat – duck

go upstairs and tap ton the right trunk, change the animal like the quilt clue
you will find the last cat with number : 7

look at the left painting for the cat order, then you need to match with the numbers
the answer is 5367
use these code to open the middle door

tap 5 different evidence item inside peggy’s room :
broken lamp
box of under the bed

now look at the body and tap on 4 evidence :
snow globe


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