Allied Spies Chapter 5 Walkthrough

By | December 11, 2017

Allied Spies Chapter 5 Walkthrough how to solve portrait, elements, rope knot, scrap of paper drawer, 235 centrifuge puzzle – Help Ed and Marie Hamilton on a mission to smuggle two scientists out of Europe and find out who’s the traitor. Uncover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Allied Spies! Can you steal secrets from the Nazis and escape with your lives?
Adventure Escape: Allied Spies Escape game by Haiku Games

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Adventure Escape Allied Spies Chapter 5 Solution
get all 6 portrait then place it on wall with correct spot with clue from book
take the key and open the glass on top to get chromium
now place all elements in the correct order

go to left door and tap on the rope on right
you need to follow the knotted rope line to get the bucket
get the rope and use it to reach the handle

go back and use the bucket on sand and get the wrench
use bucket of sand to put out the fire and get a scraper + scrap of paper

go to classroom and use wrench to the bolt from cube
tap the board to see the clue
look at the lettres and chiffres
use scraper to the gum on bottom right

go to the drawer
open the drawer like the clue and get the uranium
back to the class
you need to get 235 from the elements

add the handle + bucket then tap it to rotate the handle
you will get enriched uranium
place it on the right device


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